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Research Sailing Vessel Argo

Argonaut message:


We are proud of RSV Argo, an open platform to discover and fast track technologies with people around our world through research and educational outreach.

                       Steven Castro, President

RSV Argo Initiative


The RSV Argo Initiative invites Researchers and Educators to participate with at sea R&D activities in the Pacific.  Highly interactive, researchers and students can participate in the operation of Argo's drones and ROVs while conducting research activities.

RSV Argo Layout


Researchers and Students can join the vessel for a period of time for at sea field research or learning experiences.    Up to ten people work in cramped, close quarters on a Spartan-like, purpose built vessel - Argo is NOT a yacht!

Argo arrives...

Steven inspects Argo Delivery

Argo features a conventional, well balanced hull-form well suited for oceanic passages.

Connecting the islands...


Argo will be in service in the Polynesian Triangle in 2019.

You are invited


As Argo's Science Director, I am very interested to see how we can complement your research or educational program.  Please email me at

                                David Gottesman

                             Marine Biologist

Sponsor Gifts and Rewards

Argo or Bubbles Half Model


You can have one of these sailing vessel's half model proudly on display in your home or office.  Simply tell us: Argo or Bubbles.


Display Models


Tell us which drone or UAV you want and it will be handcrafted just for you and mounted on a wood stand for your mantle or desk.  Note that these are custom made by islanders and may take 3 months


Bolo Ties


Now you can show off your cutting edge unmanned aircraft pride with a cast metal UAV drone bolo tie.


Jewelry by Jared


Argonaut Jared's unique jewelry designs are one of a kind and meticulously crafted.  Write Jared for his latest Creations sheet to chose incredible, one of a kind, pieces for as little as

$50 - $250

Fender Locks, Marine Parts


Can you use our Fender Locks on your boat?  Contact Argo Sponsors Mesa Center via email  to request a marine hardware list by writing to

Lifestyle / Activewear


Argonaut Tees, Caps, Mugs, shellcraft costume jewelry, sarongs, rashguards, even swimwear can be rewarded to Argo Sponsors.  Contact Argo Sponsors Mesa Center via email to request a Lifestyle List by writing to