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Thorpe Geophysics Service

Airborne MMEMDS


Geophysics instrumentation can be flown using airplanes or helicopters as shown here with this "Tow Body" developed, manufactured and used during data acquisition services for our customers. 

Airborne TDEMS


Active and passive geophysics detection technologies are used depending on the application and operational considerations.  We ALWAYS provide our customers the most cost effective data acquisition approaches with mounted airborne techniques or dismounted ground-based techniques.

Rapid Reporting


Our field teams arrive on your site soon after receipt of notice to proceed and can rapidly acquire data, post process and provide valuable reports to you - often within one week for sites up to 100 acres and within one month for project sized sites from 5 - 30 square miles with high resolution.



Ground data acquisition service is most economical for high resolution surveys for modest size sites from individual home lots up to about 100 acres depending on the application.

Ground TDEMS


Just like airborne data acquisition operations, passive and active geophysics detection technologies can be done; but quickly favor helicopter operations when active TDEM surveys are contemplated for sites larger than about 20 acres, again depending on the specific application.



Feel free to call us at (480) 262-1051 to discuss your underground or underwater detection and mapping needs.  Applications include earth fissures, landfills and silage pits, UST, UXO, unmarked gravesites, forensics, wrecks, base and precious metals, well heads, abandoned mines, archeologic and other cultural features.  NO job is too small or too large: one acre to hundreds of square miles.

A Legacy since 1947

Cloud College - 1947


Bonnie Thorpe experienced the "Glass Ceiling" first hand as she tried to pursue a career in Geology shown here in a 1947 article where she organized DC-3 flights for the Geology Department's Cloud College

World's 1st UXO Drone Survey


Kaho'olawe drone survey team shown with data acquisition fixed and rotary wing vehicles on Maui in 2000.

UXO: Serious Ground Truth


UXO comes in all shapes and sizes.  Ground truth really gets serious for the backhoe operator excavating a dud UXO when "where" and "how deep do I dig" matters most or else!

Commercial Mining


Thorpe Geophyscs Services begin BEFORE even excavation during the Project Development Phase all the way through Monitoring Mining Production Operations.  Bonnie is shown far right - no "Glass Ceilings" here!

Commercial Real Estate


Geologic hazards to real estate development include earth fissures detailed in this short piece in Wired magazine.  Thorpe has helped with large Hospital complexes and section sized community development projects to even individual home lots.

Thorpe R&D with DoD


The company has considerable R&D expertise working with DoD customers to develop innovative technical solutions for some of the most successful countermeasures for threats to America's Warfighters.