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Thorpe Seeop - Celebrating 35 Years in Unmanned Leadership

TS6000 "Thorpedo"

Thorpe Seeop TS6000 Thorpedo

Air launched and ground based turbine powered "Thorpedos" can fly more than 500 knots and are designed specifically for MASINT payloads. 


Thorpe Seeop TS2000

The TS2000 is Cessna sized and can fly SIGINT, MASINT and COMINT payloads at GA-typical flight profiles.  Commercially developed, this vehicle is a proven product for commercial and government customers.



The "Flying Box" series has been in continuous production since the 1980s.  It is hard to beat a simple platform reliably and ruggedly built that forgives the harsh realities of field operations in remote sites.



This proven product has been flying for customers since 1990.  Although typically operated using runways on land, the vehicle is particularly well suited to use "zero length" launch and recovery with a RITS System in maritime applications.



A larger version of the P40 was designed and developed in 2008 by Thorpe to support ISR missions.  There are literally dozens of P40-based configurations that we can provide our customers to tailor their solutions to be most ideal for their purpose and goals.



Can't find what you are looking for?  Call us.  Our product and design solution inventory spans four decades and are not posted online.  Discrete, confidential proprietary platforms are available from 5 pounds to 1,600 pounds gross weight.  Just call us at (480) 262-1051 to discuss how we can help  you succeed today!

Who & Where do Seeops Come From?

Douglas T. Thorpe


Widely regarded as the world's most prolific unmanned aircraft designer and developer, you can read his profile in the University of California online feature at:

Experienced Management


Our management is a time tested, proven group of accomplished professionals with diverse backgrounds, skills and harmonious business style that promotes customer success first and foremost.

A revolutionary perspective


Ground breaking, record making vehicles come from people that have entirely revolutionary, visionary perspectives tempered over time to bring actual success for our customers by transcending the vague dream into a practical reality.

Largest Open Circuit Tunnel


Our aircraft development and manufacture expertise extends from wind tunnel design, build and operation to composite and aluminum fabrication for series production. 

Production for Large...


We utilize time proven assembly and production of our customer's vehicles to produce lasting value and economic utility for all our aircraft, large...

...and Small Vehicles


 ...and small.  No  flying requirement you may have is too large or too small for our capable professionals to deliver real world capabilities at a sensible price leveraging four decades of problem solving with rapid completion of your objective from conception, to prototype, to serial production.

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Marine Research Organizations

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Research and Education Partners

Please check back later as David Gottesman, Argo's Science Director updates this list.  Want your organization to be included?  Please contact us by telephone or email.  

Research, Education and Professional Organizations

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